Pharmaceutical innovation

NovaldMedical combines pharmaceutical substances, thin film technology and materials science. We bring a new approach to life science markets to serve the evolving needs of drug development, formulation engineering and manufacturing processes.

Control via surface

We have opened a new highway for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) application development by bringing the process to serve enhanced drug delivery, formulation engineering and industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Better life for us all

Novald Medical’s competence portfolio creates great potential in the life science industry by bringing lucrative solution opportunities into the drug delivery arena as well as medical device development. All this has tremendous capacity to create future medical therapies and diagnostics applications bringing us all better quality of life.

The Novald Story

What happens when an enthusiastic pharmacist realizes he has a problem in pharmaceutical processability? He contacts thin film scientists to see whether a state-of-the-art deposition technology could deliver a resolution. Together, they discover that a nanoscale thin film generated by Atomic Layer Deposition advances the process by expanding the characteristics of the pharmaceuticals. When you add a pioneering and dynamic engineer to the group you end up having a creative, cross-disciplinary team – this is NovaldMedical Ltd.

We in Novald Medical believe in strong interdisciplinary co-operation and joint efforts. We have a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing and life- and material sciences. We are here to offer new technologies for novel medication therapies and drug delivery platforms.

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Consulting and training

Consulting and training

Brainstorm with our experts to get an insight into the possibilities of atomic layer deposition for your products and business. Ask us for our training packages.

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Experimental coatings

Experimental coatings

Discover your possibilities by sending us your test specimens for evaluation, deposition, analysis and recommendations.

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Strategic product development

Strategic product development

The optimal business oriented product development is best achieved by bringing together your application experts and our thin film specialists. The format of the co-operation will be tailored to meet your needs.

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Life Science Applications

We have experience in tailoring surfaces for pharmaceutical processing, diagnostics and therapeutical applications. Novel surface modification with thin films is a future method for drug manufacturing and processing. Designed thin films make it possible to improve the performance of e.g. laboratory accessories, medical devices and processing equipment by modifying the sensitivity, integrity and biophysical response of critical surfaces.

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Materials Science

The solid processing knowledge supported by materials science and pharmaceutical chemistry expertise are our key assets which we harness to serve your business case. We are experienced in low temperature coatings that can be developed and applied especially to heat sensitive targets as well as on micro- and nanoscale particles. The innovative Novald approach provides opportunities for taking full advantage of ALD’s digital deposition technology in a fully controlled manner.

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NovaldMedical is a privately owned enterprise driven by the strong professional commitment of its founding partners. We have an international, top ranked R&D network and close co-operation with the world leading ALD equipment provider.

Our passion is to create unique thin film based solutions for our business partners and bring uncompromised added value to the end users. We actively search for and evaluate new partnerships and investors who have the same ambition in evaluating and creating new business in life science markets by utilizing the latest thin film technology.

We believe that our IPR portfolio along with our solid competence offering are truly lucrative building blocks for differentiation opportunities within the drug and medical device industry.

Whether your need to rely on improving the existing medical therapy solutions, lowering manufacturing costs or improving the processability and physicochemical properties of pharmaceutical substances, our value proposition is to offer biocompatible coating solutions with the ultimate level of control over surface characteristics and performance.



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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

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Tommi Kääriäinen

Partner, President, Chairman of the board

DSc (Tech) Material Technology,  
MSc Mechanical Engineering

Tommi is a technology driven innovative developer who is qualified in thin film processing, especially in atomic layer deposition. He has a solid background in managing and organizing the R&D projects related to thin film materials with multidisciplinary applications in close industrial cooperation.

+1 720 757 6020

Pekka Hoppu

Partner, Vice President, Pharmaceuticals

PhD Pharmaceutical Technology

Pekka is a serial entrepreneur whose  expertise is in pharmaceutical analytics,  industrial pharmacy in general and the patient needs in healthcare sector.

 +358 40 195 5770

Marja-Leena Kääriäinen

Partner, Vice President, Coatings and Medical Applications

DSc (Tech) Thin Film Technology, 
MSc Chemical Engineering

Marja-Leena (“Malla”) is responsible for coating applications in medical devices and materials. She has extensive experience in materials science and technology.

 +1 720 757 6788

Juha Laiho

Partner, Vice President, Business Development

MSc Materials Science

Juha is a pioneering innovator in the biomaterial business having unique experience in commercialization of the first absorbable bone fixation devices to international markets. He has solid industrial expertise in operative and technology management as well as in consulting business.

+358 40 5251296

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